FairCoTech is a company centered in developing technological products, ranging from hardware to software to make the life better for all of us

Our core capability is to being able to successfully manage end-to-end, technological projects, from identifying the real requirements that can bring the technology, to pulling resources from different companies, universities and technical institutes. Examples of current projects:

  • Hardware: on the process of designing an WIG aircraft to improve the fuel efficiency, so making cheap shipping packages in an ever more digitized economy
  • Software: Machine Learning and in general, development of algorithms. As examples:
    • We are developing a software for controlling traffic in cities to reduce the fuel consumption and time spent in traffic jams.
    • We have an extensive experience on Time Series Analysis for Financial Markets
    • We are just entering the Health market, developing algorithms to detect diseases.

If you would like to see how our company can help your company, contact us!:

Contact: fairco@faircotech.com